Healthycanada. buying generic viagra Com go to main content subscribe rss email print advanced search   you are here: home disease & conditions v vestibular schwannoma   health information on... Children and youth women men seniors fitness nutrition advisories and warnings disease & conditions drugs health tools find a doctor provincial healthcare experts podcasts health blog vestibular schwannoma overview an acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma is a benign brain tumour that develops in the middle ear. generic viagra canada It is one of the most common of non-cancerous brain tumours, affecting an estimated two hundred to cardinal canadians each year. While it can cause hearing loss, effective treatment is available. Causes vestibular schwannomas are a result of an overproduction of cells that normally wrap around nerve fibers to help support and insulate nerves. viagra ed and bph Scientists believe the problem is linked with the loss of function of a gene on chromosome 22 which normally produces a protein that controls the growth of these cells. In about half of all those affected, the disorder is inherited, in which case it affects both ears and is known as bilateral vestibular schwannoma. buy viagra overnight delivery Unilateral vestibular schwannomas affect only one ear and are not hereditary. Scientists don't know exactly why the gene stops functioning in these people. buy viagra online cheap Regardless of the cause, as the tumour grows, it presses against the nerves that affect hearing and balance, usually causing ringing in the ears, dizziness or loss of balance and typically hearing loss. The tumour is usually slow growing but, eventually it can interfere with other nerves causing numbness or paralysis on the side of the face where the tumour is located. If it becomes large enough, the tumour may eventually press against the brainstem or the cerebellum which can be life-threatening. Symptoms among the early signs are a loss of hearing in one or both ears, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and dizziness or problems with balance. how long does half a viagra pill last Initially, the problems may be mild or vague and, perhaps even be confused with other middle and inner ear problems. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor will want to send you for an ear exam and hearing test and, depending on the outcome, an mri or ct scan. how long does half a viagra pill last Treatment there are three ways to go about treating this problem: 1. Monitoring or watching the tumour for growth 2. generic viagra customer reviews Radiation therapy to shrink the tumour 3. Surgical removal of the tumour typically the latter is the treatment of choice but it depends on the location and size of your neuroma. The outcome will depend on the size of the tumour and the level of hearing in the affected ear. price for viagra at walmart If the problem is caught early when the tumour is small, hearing may be saved. However, if the tumour has already grown significantly it may have damaged the nerves that control hearing, balance and even facial movement. If this is the case, some of the damaged nerves may also have to be removed. generic viagra 150 mg     home about us help terms of use priv. how long does half a viagra pill last